Ever since my friend Jason Clark has told me about OpenDNS it has been nothing more than a godsend. Immediately when we changed our XO Communications DNS servers to OpenDNS we saw a huge speed increase. Our speeds literally tripled what they were. I couldn’t believe the numbers but was ecstatic of the results. Our ISP has not been very reliable with their services so it is also very possible they have faulty DNS servers. Nonetheless we are on OpenDNS and safely surfing the Internet. One of the everyday features I enjoy the most is the blocking category sites such as Adware, Phishing, Advertising, P2P/File Sharing. These are all really great features and they constantly get updated. This protects my users from accessing these sites that may cause problems down the line.

I can’t thank OpenDNS enough for all of the “possible” spyware and virus removals I may have had by users accessing sites by accident. This actually saves me time, saves the company money, and continues productivity within the organization. I would recommend using OpenDNS to anyone.

The best thing is you don’t need an account with them. If you choose to you can customize your surfing and get statistics on your surfing.

Check them out at:

– Harry Caskey

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