Author: Harry Caskey

Infinite Switch Loop

If your switch is repeating, looping, flashing constantly at a consistent rate this may help you. You probably have what’s called a network loop. Where all the switches start repeating themselves this can be corrected by removing any computer with a network bridge on the network. Or enable the STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) on the […]

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Exchange 2007 – Corrupt Public Folders

I thought today I would blog about an experience I had with Exchange Server 2007 last June 16th, 2008 we had a power outage early in the morning which resulted in server failures across the board.  This then caused a chain reaction when the backup domain controller went down. The Active Directory systems dropped off […]

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Active Directory

Active Directory is truly the heart of an organization. You might even say if a computer system were a human being it would be the brain spanning all knowledge of the system. It is a central repository for all data regarding users, groups, computers, printers, shared folders, contacts, and policies. This store all information into […]

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