• 13Sep

    Awhile ago I needed to find the Serial Number of a remote machine so I could pull the drivers, traveling to see that machine became very tedious and took time.  So I did some searching and came accross this command that you can run via-command line with either powershell or by remotely connecting to the machine and running this from command prompt.

    If you open up a command line window you can call on the WMIC command to pull the BIOS serial number of a machine.

    wmic bios get serialnumber

    You can also run this WMIC command to get the computer model number.

    wmic csproduct get name

    For further information here is the Microsoft KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/558124

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  • 29Jul

    If you ever need to do some ole school disk formatting. This quick run should help!  From the recovery console or setup menu in windows open a command line and follow these instructions.

    CMD> diskpart
    DISKPART> list disk
    DISKPART> select disk (ID #)
    DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly
    DISKPART> clean
    DISKPART> convert MBR (or GPT)
    DISKPART> create partition primary
    DISKPART> select part 1
    DISKPART> active
    DISKPART> format FS=NTFS LABEL=(Local Disk) QUICK
    DISKPART> assign letter (C:\ or whatever drive letter you desire)
    DISKPART> list volume

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